B2B Sales Service

Using us is a good way for your business to increase volumes of sales of your products or services. We deliver great results and creates a mutually beneficial situation for both of us. We are accountable for all sales results and activities while representing your brand.

Our sales campaigns are based on strong market analysis.

Lead Generation

In today’s highly competitive marketplace lead generation is essential, to stay ahead of competitors and to maintain a steady stream of clients.

Our experts have been supplying clients with lead generation campaigns for B2B for years. We work with our customers to design dedicated programs and generate high quality and targeted sales leads.

We go further by developing a nurturing relationship with the contacts through traditional and digital communication such as linkedIn, Twitter, Facebook.

The lead generation service includes:

  • Highly qualified leads with targeted audience (Using BANT criteria)
  • Maximizing events & webinars attendance   
  • Products promotion

Don’t wait any longer, get in touch today to explore how we can help increase your sales and act as your complete B2B partner.

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Appointment setting

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It has been proven that most of selling effort is consumed in trying to set up the first appointment.

Our service can:

  • Save you valuable time by setting you up with regular appointments. Hence, your sales force can dedicate their time and energy closing more business.
  • Save you money. Indeed, outsourcing appointment setting will eliminate internal management costs.

We run pre-event prospecting campaigns where we would call prospects in advance and schedule meetings at your stand; But we also perform on site campaigns, representing your brand at the event and setting up appointments according to your availability.

We will give you as much information and assistance as we can to make sure that your appointments turn into sales and revenue. This is the level of dedication that sets us apart from other B2B companies.

How much time and effort does your Sales Team spend in trying to set-up the 1st appointment? If more than necessary, we could help!

End to End Sales

A Sales team is key for any organization to give a great impulse to the business growth.

We supply clients with efficient sales resources and processes to help turn prospects into customers.

We have developed a unique selling methodology: 

  • Understand targeted audience objectives which results in more qualified conversations (Using SPIN Selling methodology)
  • Build instant rapport with every contact
  • Understand business requirement to recommend the best solutions – not pitching
  • Turn objections into an opportunity for business

We help you not only find, attract, convert and retain new customers, but also increasing your competitive edge. So, give yourself an edge!

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