About us

Our mission is to use our experience and expertise to provide Tech companies with unique and dedicated Sales and Marketing Services and enable them to achieve their sales and development goals.

Our vision is to be recognized as a trusted Partner and renowned for developing demand for product and service in Europe.

The technology industry is a highly competitive market where new players come in every day, so it is crucial for businesses to maintain their competitiveness and market share. Therefore, they need to strengthen their customer portfolio by reinforcing relationship with existing ones and in the same time acquiring new clients. It has been proven that most of selling effort is dedicated in making the first appointment which is time consuming and costly.

For Small & Medium Businesses, the challenge is even greater because they are constantly competing with niche market so to survive they need to be more concentrated towards acquiring new customers (Including expanding into new markets) and cutting cost. Also, they do not always have enough revenue to dedicate to a strong internal sales team.

Who are we?

We are a group of professionals specialized in sales & marketing based between UK and France. Our focus is on providing exceptional services and experience that help our customers achieve their revenue and growth objectives. We at SalesTwin value the people and organisations we work with, placing our customer at the centre of our efforts always. Furthermore, we drive ourselves to deliver on our promises with honesty, integrity and unequalled results. We pride ourselves on our ability to bring value to our customers by tailoring our services to their specific needs. This is our promise to you!

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Murielle Osias

Founder of SalesTwin (Sales & Marketing)

SalesTwin was established by a multi-skilled and multi-talented master’s graduate in International Management who is fluent in English, French and Spanish. She has a proven track record in generating high level sales for SMBs and large IT organisations across EMEA, in addition to great expertise in B2B sales. She is a strong relationship builder and nurturer of successful communications with C&D Levels contacts.

In the words of Murielle Osias:

“I have established SalesTwin because I wanted to help businesses with their sales endeavour. I believe a satisfied customer is the best business strategy of all. There are different sales methods and technologies, I have developed mine from experience, from cold calling to the development of longer sales cycles. I call it ‘the friendly way of selling ! "

Jordache Cunningham

Marketing Specialist

With a solid background in Marketing, Data Analytics and Business Consultancy, Jordache has helped many SMEs including multi-million pound companies such as RedCloud Technology Ltd., build unique profiles, campaigns and strategies both on and offline.

With his academic backing from a degree in marketing to exclusive resources he invests in - Jordache proves to be one of the new exciting voices in the marketing world.

A slight perfectionist, he believes results to be the only thing that determines the value of a marketer/marketing strategy.

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Tez Frost

Business Development Specialist

Tez has over eight years of experience working within Digital & eCommerce and over 20 years’ experience and knowledge within business development and growth.

Over the years Tez has built her background focusing on sales, account management, creating & building processes to grow businesses and team management & training.

For her focusing to achieve the best for clients and working hard to ensure she delivers is key. Tez believes that results speak volumes and maintains growing relationships with her clients throughout her career.

Petula Pochet

Social Media and CRM Specialist

Petula has 10-year experience in customer relationships, multi-channel approaches: face to face, email, calling and social media. Customer satisfaction lies at the heart of her work.

Holding a master's degree in Communication, she is passionate about this field and the impact of Technologies in our daily Life.

For her it is vital to maintain good communication and Human Relationships in our High-Tech Life.

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